Tree Pruning and Trimming

Tree Pruning And Trimming in poulsbo

Tree Pruning And Trimming

We are a specialized Tree Pruning And Trimming company with over 13 years of experience serving Poulsbo WA. To keep your trees healthy and vibrant, you need to pay attention to and maintain them. Tree pruning and trimming are part of the maintenance.

Tree pruning and trimming are very similar, the difference is that tree trimming is applied to shrubs and hedges and can be used to thin out dense bushes to allow sunlight into the rest of your landscaping, whereas tree pruning usually means removing the dead limbs from trees and shrubs.

Benefits of Tree Pruning

You might be wondering if pruning is necessary and the short answer is: yes. First of all, pruning ensures safety in your landscape. Dead or sick limbs could fall and cause damage or they could cause an injury.

To avoid this, you must check your tree’s health each season. You need to look for hollow areas, decay, and peeling bark in the main branches or trunk. If you notice that your tree may need special attention, don’t hesitate to call in an expert.

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