Retaining Wall

Retaining wall in Mason County.

 Retaining Wall Services

We are a leading provider of retaining wall solutions for residential and commercial customers in all of Mason County.

Paved stone walls come in various shapes, colors, and textures.
You can use them to get a retaining wall on your garden, to separate flower beds, to get a decorative ring around your favorite tree, or to add a terrace to your yard. Retaining walls allow you to reclaim space from a sloping section in your property.

At Florida’s Lawn Service INC, we have over 13 years in this industry, giving us the expertise to take on your dream project and make it a reality. First, we start by carefully analyzing the area, to determine the height of the wall and to ensure we understand what needs to be done, so the soil’s pressure doesn’t warp the structure. Then, we make sure that we have the best materials and tools for the project, so you have a final product that lasts you a lifetime. Finally, we work on the project with careful attention to detail, closely monitoring the process, so you can rest assured you’re getting your money’s worth.

Multipurpose Landscaping Structure

If you have steep slopes on your property, it’s critical to protect your landscape from erosion and runoff. These walls receive pressure horizontally, so they offer lateral support. This wall must abide by the highest of standards of construction in order to be durable and efficient. They can be any height, but usually, they’re higher than 3 feet. You may want a decorative wall to separate your plants, on an otherwise flat garden. This provides a visual enhancement to an area on your landscape that you’d like to highlight. This wall would be smaller in height since they’re not intended to support of heavy and packed soil. As always, we adapt to your taste, so you have many shapes, patterns, and colors to choose from.

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